Spotlight On! 3rd Grade

Fall is officially upon us! Third grade has been busy learning many new skill sets thus far. We are eager and excited to learn even more!

We are coming to the end of the first theme unit in our Reading series entitled, “Let’s Learn."

We have read both fiction and non-fiction stories, while covering skills such as sequencing events, identifying main idea as well as drawing conclusions. We also have been working very hard on various writing assignments. We have written about goals we hope to accomplish in third grade and our favorite Halloween memories. Next, we will be writing a Thanksgiving essay about what we are most thankful for.

In Science, we are currently in our first unit titled, “Living Things in Our World”. In this unit,

we have discussed multiple topics including cells, classifications of living things, plant growth, and heredity. During our study of cells, we created an awesome interactive notebook. The students created a version of a plant and animal cell of their very own!

During Science and Math classes, we have completed various STEM activities. We built a

bridge and created a tower using only apples and toothpicks. Future STEM activities we will be creating a Thanksgiving table using only construction paper and building a shelf for our “Elf on the Shelf”!

Third grade has a lot to look forward to this school year, including additional STEM

activities, Science experiments, Reading projects, Math activities and much more! I can’t wait to see all of the wonderful things we will accomplish this year!

- Miss Wegfahrt, 3A



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