Spotlight On! A 1A Winter

Hello from First Grade! Each week we look forward to learning new and exciting things!

In Religion, we learned how important it is to be a follower of Jesus on a daily basis like

the Apostles were. The students created a beautiful mural during this lesson that is

hanging in our Prayer Corner. The Bible lesson learned was from Matthew 16:18 when

Jesus asked Peter what he believed. Peter answered that he believed Jesus was the

Son of God. Jesus said, “and so I’ll say to you, Peter, I then will build my church upon

this rock”.

Each week in Language Arts, we read a new selection. Most recently, our story

involved the study of many different cultural masks worn for different traditional

customs. Students made shape animals and created their own unique masks all while

learning how important animals are throughout the world. They also wrote an invitational

letter asking a friend or family member to see their beautiful masks. These were on

display for Catholic Schools Week in the hallway.

Martin Luther King Day was a day to reflect at home with our families. We talked about

how important it is to help others and celebrate our own uniqueness. We watched an

age-appropriate animation called “My Friend Martin.” It spoke about how different this

world would be if Dr. King had never been born. In Social Studies, we summarized what

we learned by completing a Scholastic News story on Dr. King. We even thought of our

own profound dreams and they are also displayed in the hallway.

In Math, we are learning about how exploring place value as we prepare for addition

and subtraction of two-digit numbers. We enjoy using manipulatives to deepen our

understanding of this subject matter! In Science, we recently completed a Fake Snow

Lab. With our Kindergarten friends, we made predictions of what would occur when we

combined all of our ingredients. We were so excited to see that some of our predictions

were correct!

We look forward to the upcoming months and all of the new things we will learn together!

- Mrs. Karen Gross, 1A



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