Spotlight On! A Busy Winter for 2A

Second grade has been very busy this winter. First and most important, we are happy to

announce that a new student joined our second-grade family. Welcome, Isabella!

We received the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation on February 8th. Thank you to Ms. Dore for making it run so smoothly. Now, it’s on to learning about the Eucharist and preparing for First Holy Communion in May. Jesus comes to us in a unique way in the Eucharist and we couldn’t be more excited to be on this journey. Please keep us in your prayers.

Recently, we celebrated the 100th day of school and had a blast! We predicted how many

jumping jacks, bunny hops, and sit down, stand-ups we could do in 100 seconds. Then, we

timed ourselves and got an exact number. Phew, 100 seconds is long! How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Tootsie Roll Pop? We kept track and many of us had more than 100 licks!

In March, we will combine Language Arts with Science to plan, design, and build leprechaun traps. This will be the 7th year of this project. Students always put in an incredible amount of thought and effort trying to capture one of these clever creatures. Maybe this will be the lucky year! Look for our “How to Catch a Leprechaun” papers hanging in the hallway.

In Social Studies, we are learning about geography. “The Seven Continents” song from

YouTube will forever be embedded in our minds! Next, we will be focusing on early pioneers

and the colonies. In Computer class, we are creating our own graphic organizer and filling it in with research about one of the seven continents. Science is filled with learning about water and weather.

We will work on a STEM project to create our own water cycle with materials you can find in your kitchen. There is sure to be water everywhere! In Math class, we finished double and triple-digit addition and subtraction. We are happy now to be learning about money and time. It is so important to be able to count money and make the change. Telling time is always a challenge but practice makes perfect!

We read a biography for our book reports this trimester and kept the person a secret. Dressing up as our person and presenting ten clues to the class was so much fun. In turn, we also learned many interesting facts about some famous people. Reading "The Tiny Seed" by Eric Carle is always a class favorite. It is a fiction story that gives us information about seeds and plants. We will illustrate our favorite page using ripped pieces of paper and then add a caption. Most importantly, we are on our way to writing in cursive. It takes some hard work but second grade is up for the challenge. I am very proud of the students’ progress!

- Mrs. Sue Bacovin, 2A



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