Spotlight On! An Update from 7A

Time sure flies by when you are having fun learning. I can’t believe we are in the month of March already and almost finished with the school year. “In learning, you will teach and in teaching, you will learn.” I am enjoying my first-year teaching middle school and it is awesome being a part of the St. Charles Borromeo School family!

We are in the Lenten Season right now which is a reminder to the seventh graders to treat each other with respect. We focus on the virtues of the school and reflecting them through their everyday lives. Our faith is important and helps us get through our challenges. This is what I want the seventh graders to carry with them.

Sixth graders have just finished a chapter on ratio, proportions, and percents. They applied it to everyday life by working on problems finding discount, tax, and total price. They also were able to discuss what is the “better buy” by comparing prices. They are now learning Geometry concepts with perimeter and area. Their project will be to construct their own zoo and find the total area of all the animal cages.

In Social Studies, seventh graders did a wonderful job portraying the events that led to the American Revolution on a timeline that they displayed on the poster board. We just finished discussing the American Revolution and are getting ready to discuss the Constitution of the United States.

In seventh grade Math, we complete discovery activities as well as cooperative learning activities. Both classes just moved into working on percentages which will involve solving everyday life problems that deal with tax, discount, and interest. The students will work on a project in which they will plan a birthday dinner, find the total price when there are tax, tips, and discounts.

Eighth grade Math is preparing for high school Math by working on higher-order thinking problems. Algebra I is working on Statistics and will do a survey project where they illustrate their results on various statistical graphs. The other eighth grade Math class is working on perimeter and area. They will be working on a Park Project where they create a park with activities and limited area.

The seventh graders spent time with their First Grade Buddies on Dr. Seuss’ Birthday where they made Dr. Seuss Hats and read their buddies different books. They always enjoy being with their Buddies!

Our year has been full of learning, and fun activities. We continue to follow our faith and virtues as we continue to better ourselves as individuals.

- Mrs. Plunkett, 7A



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