Spotlight On! Art Class

PreK through eighth-grade students attend Art class each week. Each Art class is centered around the Diocese of Trenton Visual Art Curriculum. The curriculum emphasizes the importance of the study of visual art and recognizes its value in fostering the “creative ability and skills essential to lifelong learning and the workplace.”

Students began the school year by examining the works of many different Master Artists- from Da Vinci to Warhol! Students identified Elements and Principles of Art used by these Master Artists. They explored a variety of art mediums and created works of art based on their inspiration.

This fall, students in kindergarten through third-grade had the opportunity to join the Art Club. After school, students would meet and learn about various techniques. At the end of each session, students were able to take their work of art home to share with their families. They had a great time together doing something they all enjoy!

The students have been very busy using their creative and critical thinking skills to assemble beautiful artwork for display at our annual Art Show. The Art Show is held during the upcoming Catholic Schools Week. Held in our school Library, each class is represented and their projects are displayed to be enjoyed by our school community and their families.

- Mrs. Beth Sandeen, Art



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