Spotlight On! Fifth Grade

Exciting beginnings, times of change, happy friendships, growing pains and lasting memories are the themes that have been part of our fifth-grade year at St. Charles Borromeo School so far this year. This is a group of very inquisitive, thought-provoking students who have been enthusiastically mastering the challenges before them.

In Religion, the class decided our motto would be to, “Follow in Jesus’ Footsteps” and we

have been trying hard to do that every day. Sharing our coins for the “Penny Wars”, reading

and going on a fall walk with our 3-year old buddies, and participating in a S.T.E.M. activity

with our third-grade buddies have been significant ways that the class has been practicing

their motto.

In Math, we have been working very hard on multiplication and division concepts. The class

has risen to the challenges of the curriculum and have tried to relate what they are learning to everyday life which, helps them grasp its importance.

In Reading and Language Arts, we have worked hard to acquire vocabulary and improve

comprehension. Writing about our life experiences has been enriching and interesting. Our

Halloween stories were the most fun to publish and share with others.

In Science, we have been discussing life in its simplest form, such as cells in plants and

animals, to the more complex systems of the body that give us our life. Many hands-on

projects have given us a better understanding of the way our body works. From Jell-O and

marble cells to LifeSaver backbones, we have become engrossed in trying to acquire and

retain these difficult concepts.

In Social Studies, we are learning the history of our Constitution, the Declaration of

Independences, and how our government works. Beta Club held elections this week and we have a new student government here at school. We were excited to vote and can’t wait to participate in the projects that they put before us.

These are exciting times we are moving in, and they sure go fast, but we try to stay focused

and live our motto. Follow in Jesus’ Footsteps and feeding our souls reminds us of the

following proverb;

Proverb 16:23-24 From a wise mind comes wise speech; the words of the wise are

persuasive. Kind words are like honey-sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.

We thank those who help us be the best we can be and promise to spread more honey to feed the souls of those we encounter along the way.

God Bless

- Mrs. Kelli Santino, 5A



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