Spotlight On! First Grade

Hello from first grade! October flew by as we watched the seasons change and the air

become cooler. We have settled into our routine and have been very busy! Each day brings new excitement and learning opportunities.

In Religion, the first graders learned how Jesus left Nazareth to go among the people to

teach about God’s love using stories, parables. We learned how Jesus shared his love with all people in the story of Zacchaeus. Next, we learned how Jesus taught that all people are our neighbors in the story of the Good Samaritan. Finally, we learned how to be a good neighbor to our classmates and discussed ways we can share the Good News to the people around us.

In Math, we further developed our understanding of addition and subtraction concepts.  We

used pictures and bar models to solve problems. It is hard work, but the children applied the skills they learned well.

In English Language Arts (ELA), the children enjoy listening to read-alouds and reading

stories all while learning about different genres and story structure. They wrote about

themselves and the stories they read. The writing portfolios are growing with fine examples of the young writers’ work.

The story of Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone was a read-aloud that

sparked a few science explorations into how sounds works. The children observed tiny waves form from placing a tuning fork in water. They made sprinkles sitting on a plastic drum dance as they hummed. The young scientists learned how to make a simple guitar with rubber bands, pencils, and a tissue box, and observed the strings vibrate. Finally, they made string telephones from two plastic cups tied together by a long string. The surprised looks on their faces was evidence that they heard the voice of a friend coming from a distance. These explorations taught that sound is vibrations that move through the air or another medium like water or string. The class enjoyed all of these experiences!

In Social Studies, first graders learned how to be good citizens of the classrooms. They

listened to and read stories that taught responsibility, kindness, and other character traits. Every child performed their classroom job of Messenger, Line Leader, Teacher Helper,

Calendar, Library, Lights, and Paper Passer. We are learning that each member helps keep the class organized and moving. What wonderful helpers!

As you can see, we are well on our way to an exciting school year. The students

are excited to see what first grade has in store for them!

- Mrs. Catherine Gross, 1A



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