Spotlight On! Fourth Grade

As the weather outside is turns brisk and cold, the students of 4A have been busy

learning and growing into mature fourth graders.

In Religion, we are focusing on the Beatitudes, avoiding temptation, and bearing good

conscience. We created a poster displaying ways in which we can model each Beatitude.

We used magazines and free draw to complete this project. We also created a comic

strip that showed people having to face a hard decision and how they can use their

conscience to make the right choice.

In Language Arts, we are reading various short stories in our Treasures series. We have

read expository texts, fictional stories, and biographies. As we analyze each story we are

able to identify cause and effect, main idea, and supporting details. In the coming weeks,

we will begin Stone Fox, a novel written by John Reynolds Gardiner. Additionally, we

have been working on a number of writing pieces. Our current writing is Thanksgiving

themed. Students were challenged to disguise a turkey so that it would not be eaten for

Thanksgiving dinner. The class each wrote a story to go with their disguised turkey and

published them in the Computer Lab. These are on display in the showcase!

In Math, students are becoming familiar with the XtraMath program. This program

allows us to become fluent with math facts. We are getting stronger and quicker

everyday! We just completed Chapter 2 of Go Math and are experts in the area of place

value and multiplying by 1-digit numbers.

In Science, we have covered classifying living things and identifying life cycles. We

looked closely at plant and animal cells and conducted an experiment to learn how

vascular plants receive nutrients and water. We witnessed colored water travel up the

stem of carnations and celery. We also observed seeds germinate, or swell, and crack

open. We investigated where seeds grew better, in the light or in the dark. In the

Computer Lab, we completed a research web on a vertebrate or invertebrate of our

choice. Next up, we will learn about traits and heredity!

In Social Studies, we are traveling throughout our great state of New Jersey. We are

exploring the regions and locating them on a map. Our first project was to research a

popular roller coaster found in New Jersey. Fourth graders used various forms of

technology to research facts about each roller coaster. Next up, we will explore the

Lenape, the original people of New Jersey!

We are certainly very busy in fourth grade and are having a blast so far this school year!

- Mrs. Derillo, 4A



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