Spotlight On! Learn, Serve, Lead, Succeed

The new year is upon us and the fifth grade has been hard at work in the classroom and beyond trying to set some goals for the second half of the school year. We recently enjoyed reading a novel titled, Bridge to Terabithia, and we are currently writing an opinion piece in our Language Arts program.

In Social Studies we have been exploring the resources, landforms, and interesting destinations of the Northeast. It has been very interesting because we have seen firsthand, many of the things we are learning about because we live here. What do you like best about living in the northeast?

Life science has been relatable as well. We have come to find out that the processes within the body, or within the plants around us, are fascinating but extremely complex. Life is a miracle and we have had to ask for a little divine intervention to help us along the way. We are currently wrapping up our Life Science unit and will be beginning the Earth Science unit very soon.

In Religion class we have been learning all about the sacrament of Confirmation. Our Eighth-grade brothers, sisters, and friends will soon be completing their Confirmation and we want to wish them the very best as they embrace the Holy Spirit. We will follow their example and hope to be ready when it is our turn to be confirmed.

In our Math program, we have learned all about decimals. We can say that we are now able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, estimate and draw models of decimals. We have tried to relate what we are learning to true life by completing a special math project in which we have had to apply the skills we have learned. Fractions are the next challenge for us in Math.

During this month we have tried to recall the words of scripture and we have written some inspirational notes ourselves which are brightly displayed in the showcase in the foyer of the school. St. Charles has given us so much and we wanted to show how we feel about spending our days here at school. So, the feeling that God has given us wings and we just need to use them to fly is conveyed in our showcase. Another service project we did was ask all of the students in our school from pre-K to eighth grade to write a hope or a dream on a feather. After that was completed, we put them in the shape of wings in the foyer. If you stand in front of the wings it will look as though you are ready to fly. It was especially fun to help the little ones write their hopes or dreams. One of the pre-school students said he wanted to meet God. That was very inspirational.

Finally, we wanted to do a project with our 3-year-old buddies so we made peanut butter and birdseed pine cone feeders to hang in our trees for the birds. Just in case there were any allergies we substituted with Crisco shortening and birdseed on the pine cone which helps the birds just as much. It was a great way to end our month. We love working with our buddies.

Catholic Schools Week has proven to be quite busy with educational events like the Spelling Bee, physical events like the Jump Rope for Heart, and service events helping others and welcoming new friends into our school. St. Charles Borromeo is an amazing place to come to school and we are so grateful to our parents for giving us the gift to attend. We believe in the theme of this year’s Catholic Schools Week and wish to share it again with everyone in our school: Learn, Serve, Lead, Succeed!

God Bless,

Mrs. Santino, 5A



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