Spotlight On! Library & Computer

Students from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade visit the Library and the

Computer Lab weekly. While in the Library, students are encouraged to develop

their thinking skills and knowledge through fostering their love for reading. In the

Computer Lab, students are challenged to advance their skills and develop their

understanding, through the access of the latest technology.

Students in Pre-K visit the Library once a week. In the library, we sing songs, listen

to stories, and take part in discussing the characteristics of a book. Twice a month

students visit the Computer Lab. While in the Lab, they are introduced to the parts

of a computer and learn to manipulate the mouse while reinforcing letter and

number recognition via educational websites.

In the Library, students in kindergarten through second grade listen to stories and

participate in discussions of various genres of literature. Additionally, students are

introduced to the organization of the Library, how to check out books, and other

pertinent library skills.

Third through eighth-grade students develop their library skills. They learn the

Dewey Decimal Classification System and how to successfully locate information in

the library to assist them in their studies. The students apply their researching skills

in the Computer Lab and create digital products that demonstrate their computer


In the Computer Lab, students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade take part in

projects that reinforce skills and topics that are focused on in their daily classes.

They are learning to sharpen their word processing skills, navigate the web

responsibly, use other specific software, and participate in an introduction to

coding. Middle school students are utilizing Google Classroom and learning how to

use Google Drive. The students of Saint Charles are actively involved with activities

in which they are required to confirm their understanding.

Finally, in individual classrooms, teachers and students alike are embracing their

love of technology. Through the utilization of iPads, SmartBoards, and multiple

classroom computers, students are becoming engaged in their learning, and in turn,

are becoming responsible and active members of our global society.



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