Spotlight On! Middle School

FALL is a beautiful time of year, signaling the many colorful months that lie ahead in the 2019-2020 school year. Sixth grade is “settling in” to Middle School. They are assuming new

responsibilities, such as delivering the Pre-K lunches each day to the classrooms, and helping where needed.

In ELA this year, we are engrossed in the Wonders anthology. Some stories have been realistic fiction while others historical in nature. Our new Language series, Voyages in English, has proven to be challenging as we continue to master our grammar skills. Partnered with our Vocabulary Workshop series, this wealth of information is developing our writing skills, throughout all subjects, especially projects in the Computer Lab.

In Computer Class during October, the sixth and seventh graders are using research skills to read, write, and publish papers on the lives of the saints. Each student was encouraged to choose a saint with a personal connection. These Holy people posses many virtues which we strive to practice in our daily lives.

In Social Studies, we have just arrived in Egypt, intrigued by the amazing Nile River. It is believed that “there would be no Egypt without the Nile.” We have charted many important landmarks in this region, viewed the Nile River from Google Earth, and are currently working on Egyptian pyramids. We are constructing 3D pyramids and decorating the interior with Egyptian articles.

What an amazing ancient civilization to explore!

In seventh grade, our current class novel is the Newbury Award winner, The Giver, by Lois Lowry. As we explore this utopian society depicted in the book, it has given way to many interesting classroom discussions. Our faith beliefs plus our knowledge of US History has given us a perspective into our American society in contrast to that of this novel. While this story is fictional, present are real elements of societies who have suffered under such extreme constraints.

Eighth grade continues with American History, part 2. We read about the many events that arose before the Civil War, giving way to one of the worst conflicts in our US History. Exploring the many patriots who gave their lives for our Freedom, continues to raise awareness of our great country.

Each student and teacher remains committed to be their “best self” in the service of their class and school as we strive to live the virtues. Please keep each of us in your prayers as we learn to “live in Christ.”

- Mrs. Marianne Culp



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