Spotlight On! Middle School's 2nd Trimester

With the 2nd trimester coming to a close, the 8th grade is excited about graduation and

high school, but they are also a little apprehensive about leaving their home here at St.

Charles. The next few months will be busy ones. On March 6th, the 8th grade will present

the Living Stations and they will receive the sacrament of Confirmation on March 9th.

Other events include the Walk-A-Thon, STEM Fair, May Crowning, Field Day, volleyball

game, class trip, dance on the Spirit of Philadelphia, and graduation. Please keep them

in your prayers as they journey through their last months of school at St. Charles.

In Language Arts, the 8th grade practices grammar and vocabulary skills on a daily

basis. We recently finished reading Nothing But the Truth by Avi, and we just began

That Was Then, This Is Now by S.E. Hinton. Writing skills are also being developed in

Language Arts and across the curriculum. Writing pieces include a personal narrative,

persuasive essay, poetry, and essays that correspond to the novels the students have


The 4th to 8th-grade students will participate in the annual STEM Fair that will be held in

April. The middle school students have chosen their projects, completed background

information, and have planned their procedures for their experiments. Please visit us on

April 2nd to see all their hard work on display.

In addition, the 6th graders are working on a unit on cells, and they will construct models of a plant or animal cell. The 7th graders are studying how living things are classified and how cellular materials move into and out of a cell. 8th grade is working on a unit on motion and forces, and they have learned how to calculate speed, acceleration, and momentum.

This month, we have been concentrating on the virtue of fortitude – “standing up for

what is right even in the face of pressure.” We have discussed different ways to put this

virtue into practice, and we have read Scripture passages about the virtue. In religion

class, the 6th grade continues on their journey with the Israelites. We will be exploring

the periods of the judges, kings, and prophets in the next few months.

Thank you to all the families and parishioners for your support of our school. We are

truly grateful for everything you do for St. Charles Borromeo School.

- Mrs. Boland, 8A



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