Spotlight On! Mrs. Vassallo's KA

Kindergarten is just flying by! It is hard to believe we are in the month of March already.

With the arrival of spring in the very near future, the children of KA are growing and

preparing for the coming months of school.

The boys and girls have been sharpening their reading skills by practicing their sight

words and word families. They have so much fun learning new rhyming words each

week and creating fun activities and art projects to illustrate their knowledge. Our

Superkids Reading Program is in full swing! The children have now met all of their

Superkid friends, and are using what they have learned to begin to blend sounds to

read short books and passages.

Math has been so much fun! The children have been learning many different ways to

add, subtract, and illustrate numbers up to 20. The children love having hands-on

opportunity to showcase their growing knowledge in math through the use of unifix

cubes, blocks, and tiles, which are used daily to accompany math lessons.

With the start of the Lenten season upon us, the children are learning about the

Stations of the Cross. We began Lent on Ash Wednesday by attending Mass and then

receiving ashes. The children learned the symbolism of the ash cross and then created

Ash Wednesday self-portraits. We have been enjoying attending The Stations of Cross

as a school community.

In Science, the children have been learning about oviparous animals-animals that

hatch from and lay eggs. The students have been sorting and classifying animals

based on different characteristics. In Social Studies, the children have been learning

about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We are also learning how to tell

cardinal directions on a map and how to use a map legend. Kindergarten is so much


- Mrs. Vassallo, KA



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