Spotlight On! PreK 3B

Pre-K 3B has had a wonderful school year so far. The school year is flying by and the kids are learning more and more every day. Above all, they are learning virtues based on The Book of Virtues by William J. Bennett. We have focused on friendship, self-discipline, and honesty. The month of December will be based on Faith and Kindness as we prepare for the birth of Jesus. It is wonderful to see the students use these virtues throughout the day within the classroom.

Our friendship virtue has been the most rewarding in the classroom. The students will go out of their way to help another student if they need help, whether it is helping each other in opening snacks or helping to turn on the light in the bathroom for a classmate. Their generosity towards each other is inspiring. During the last week before Christmas break, we will be visited by the Kindness Elves. These elves are magical folk who love nothing more than to encourage everyday acts of kindness with children! The children will be asked by the elves to perform many acts of kindness, such as “color a picture for the nursing home” and “smile at everyone you meet today!”

December will begin our countdown of the birth of Jesus. We started the week discussing Advent and creating Advent Wreaths. We will continue the month with our weekly lesson based on gingerbread men. The students are anticipating the creation of their own gingerbread man where we will use different textures to create a special and unique

gingerbread man. The class was very excited for our Christmas concert. We performed our songs: Silent Night, Jingle Bells, and Up on the Housetop for family and friends in the Church. Their joy in singing these songs was contagious.

We will continue through December with our candy cane lesson. This week-long lesson will show the students how a candy cane represents a “J” for Jesus and let them see a candy cane as a representation of Jesus, not just as a tasty treat! We will create a book with different ways the candy cane symbolizes Jesus, such as how the candy cane is hard as a

rock, just as Jesus is our rock of refuge. The kids will be delighted to know that they get a candy cane at the end of the week’s lesson.

The end of December will concentrate on the birth of Jesus along with some Santa excitement. The kids will create a book about the journey to the birth of Jesus and continue to celebrate his birth with a Baby Jesus Baby Shower. The students will throw a baby shower for Jesus and bring in a gift designed for infants. The donations will be brought to

the NICU at Virtua Voorhees and The Ronald McDonald House in Camden. This is a great way to celebrate the birth of Jesus while also incorporating kindness for others in need. It also shows the kids the true meaning of Christmas.

The students will also create a reindeer book where they will review colors and numbers. The end of the book will include the creation of reindeer food that they can sprinkle out on Christmas Eve. This is always a favorite amongst the kids, as they love the idea of feeding Rudolph!

This month is going to be full of excitement and fun. We continue to enjoy each other’s company while learning throughout the day. We cannot wait to see what else is in store for Pre-K 3B. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

- Mrs. Nicole Ott-Pierone, PreK 3B



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