Spotlight On! PreK 4B

During the months of November and December, PreK4B has been busy preparing for the upcoming holidays. The students completed several Thanksgiving-themed activities including projects, stories, as well as discussing what they are thankful for. The class has been working hard learning their songs for the Christmas Show on Friday, December 13th. We are looking forward to our Christmas Pizza Party before Christmas break!

In Math, we are focusing on learning numbers one through five. To help us learn the numbers, we had a bean bag toss and wrote the numbers in shaving cream on our table. In Language Arts, we focus on letter recognition and sound correspondence. We have learned the letters; Aa, Tt, Kk, Cc, Ee, Hh, Rr, Mm, Gg, Oo, and Ll. We have been reading My First Steps to Reading books to help us learn words that are associated with the letter of the week. After reading each book, we practice writing upper and lowercase letters and learn new vocabulary words. We are even able to identify five pictures that start with that letter. We love learning new things!

Each day, we have two activity periods. The class either completes a seasonal craft, tackles an academic task, or learns a Bible story. When the students are finished with their first activity, they can choose to work with Play-Doh, Kinetic Sand, or use a writing board. Each student also has an opportunity to visit the Art, Writing, and Manipulative centers in our classroom.

In Religion, we have been making connections between living the virtues and stories from the Bible. In November, we learned about Joseph, who showed compassion to his brothers. We learned how we can show compassion to others in our classroom and at home. In October, we learned about Noah, who had the responsibility of building the ark. We learned that we are responsible for certain jobs in our classroom.

Through December, we are learning about our faith by preparing for Jesus’ birthday! We

are looking forward to the new year and all of the fun we will have!



- Ms. Pamela Schwartz, PreK 4B



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