Spotlight On! Second Grade

Greetings from Second Grade! It was exciting to get back to school reconnecting with old friends and getting to know a new teacher. We quickly started making the classroom our home.

A virtue is a good habit and this year we are highlighting a different virtue each month. In

September, we concentrated on kindness by reading books, brainstorming, and decorating a kindness poster. Compassion is the virtue of October. We will be thinking about how we feel concern for others and how we can show our concern for others.

We recently celebrated Johnny Appleseed’s birthday by making apple muffins while sequencing the steps we took. Who knew what great chefs second graders are! The class also participated in a STEM experiment predicting what would happen when apple slices were dipped in lemon juice compared to plain apple slices. We learned that that apple slices dipped in lemon juice didn’t turn brown as fast as the plain apple slices. The lemon juice acted as a barrier between the apple slices and oxygen! We also tasted three different kinds of apples, collected data, and then made a bar graph showing the class’s favorite. This led us to learning about plants in science class.

Using magnifying glasses, we classified seeds and looked at their differences and similarities.

In math, we are using place value up to 1,000 and looking at patterns in numbers. Three-minute math drills are really helping use memorize our facts along with XtraMath. XtraMath is a math fact fluency program that helps students memorize math facts. Students were also put to task with another STEM challenge to make the longest paper chain using only 1 piece of paper. After many attempts, we concluded that the skinnier the strips, the longer the chain!

This year we will be receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist. This exciting journey will take faith, reflection, and hard work. We spread the “Good News” in our own classroom every day. We thought of a positive comment about each classmate, wrote down the message, and then delivered all the “Good News”. Smiles were found all over the classroom when we shared some of our favorites. Ask a second grader how being Christian is like a pumpkin. We picked apart this metaphor and then decorated our religious bulletin board with jack o’ lanterns.

During Language Arts class, we are very busy. We are writing “I Am” poems and then typing and illustrating them in computer class. We are also reading, writing, listening, spelling, and learning correct grammar. We correct a morning message every day, which helps us become better writers. Magazine pictures inspired us to write sentences using correct punctuation. They are currently hanging in the hallway.

As always, we are looking forward to Trunk or Treat and Halloween. We have been planning

our Halloween costumes since the first day of school! Happy autumn from Second Grade!

Mrs. Bacovin - 2A



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