Spotlight On! Seventh Grade

A new school year is underway! The upstairs hallway is decorated with “All about

Me” projects and lined with wonderful poems that the students wrote on the

topics of respect and kindness. The seventh graders and I are learning routines as

well as learning to work together as a team. Students are learning new

responsibilities such as, putting up and taking down our school flag. Many

students are eager to assist Ms. Dorè with religious education classes. This is a

wonderful service opportunity.

Middle school math students completed drills on basic math skills to enforce their

knowledge and improve their speed. They have also participated in scavenger

hunts and other cooperative group activities to enhance their learning. The

students continue to become contributing members of their learning community.

Sixth grade math students were successful on their first chapter test. This test

assessed place value, estimation, exponents and order of operations. The second

chapter will focus on the beginnings of Algebra. Seventh grade math students

are mastering the skills of writing numbers in scientific notation, as well as

evaluating Algebraic expressions. Eighth grade and Pre-Algebra students are

learning integer rules and how to solve equations. We are using math terms, such

as “keep, change, flip” when dividing fractions. The Algebra class decorated the

hallway with their Real Number System posters that they created.

Seventh grade history students are learning about the first Americans and the

theories of how the first people arrived to this region. Each day, students

participate in group activities, discuss ideas, learn from one another and improve

their cooperative skills.

We are looking forward to a great year of growing, learning and mastering new skills together!

- Mrs. Judith Plunkett, 7A



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