Spotlight On! Spanish

Several years ago, a popular movie at the theater was “If It’s Tuesday This Must Be Belgium.” Here, at Saint Charles Borromeo School it’s Spanish class day. Students in grades kindergarten through eighth are learning the Spanish language with songs, games, structured exercises, practice activities, and lots of repetition.

All students have mastered The Sign of the Cross in Spanish. Students in kindergarten and first grade are able to introduce themselves, use basic greetings, count from 0 to 10, distinguish colors, and make use of classroom vocabulary.

Students in second and third grade are able to express how they feel, tell their age, and use

various terms to express politeness. They are learning colors, can verbalize likes and dislikes of certain foods, and are familiar with numbers from 0 to 30. Finally, they are focused on creating their “All About Me Books."

Fourth and fifth grade classes reveal how they feel, talk about things in the classroom, and are acquiring knowledge about the Spanish influence in our everyday lives. Additionally, they are finding solutions to basic mathematical problems in Spanish. Finally, they are learning the Spanish alphabet and how to use the Spanish alphabet to complete oral activities.

Middle School students are committing The Lord’s Prayer to memory. They are able to express how they feel, manipulate Spanish words to describe specific geographical locations, and have engaged in a classroom spelling bee contest. Additionally, students are taking part in a “Palomitas de Maíz (popcorn) Challenge. Finally, students are discussing days, months, dates, and the calendar in this second language study.

Our Spanish classroom is a cultural island where, in just nine weeks, students are breaking into a new language. We are learning that the more we repeat and the more fun we are having, the better retention we have! Learning a new language is hard work! The goal is for all students, kindergarten through eighth grade, is to find the study of the Spanish language

exciting and fun, and that it opens many doors in their future explorations.

Learning Spanish is worth the effort! Viva el español!

- Señor Maestro



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