THIS IS THE SCHOOL OF OUR YOUTH."


St. Charles Borromeo Parish School provides a high-quality academic and religious education for boys and girls in grades PreK-3 through 8th grade.  Operating within the Diocese of Trenton, St. Charles is centrally located in Cinnaminson, New Jersey and draws students from over 22 area school districts. 


Through instruction in Catholic faith and values, our students learn respect for God's creation, regard for the dignity of the human person, and responsibility as people of God. 


St. Charles Borromeo School was opened to the children of the parish in September 1964.  Reverend Francis V. McCusker, the founding pastor, celebrated the Mass of the Holy Spirit to begin the first session of the school year. Sr. Mary Wendelin, a Sister of Mercy of New Jersey, was the first principal. Four hundred twenty five pupils were enrolled in grades one through four with two classes of each grade. 

In 1979, a Kindergarten program was established with morning and afternoon classes. In September, 1995, the school community welcomed the addition of a Kindergarten building housing two classrooms. This new building enabled parents to enroll their children in a full day program. In September, 1996, an early Childhood Program for three and four year olds was established. Today, there are approximately three hundred students enrolled from Pre kindergarten through grade eight and the faculty is comprised of twenty-seven dedicated educators. The Sisters of Mercy are prayerfully remembered in our school.




• Enrollment: On average, St. Charles Borromeo School enrolls approximately 300 students in grades PreK-3 to 8.  Our small school size creates a personalized, nurturing environment where our students can flourish. 

• School Structure:  We offer a tailored focus on four educational groups - early childhood, primary, upper elementary, and middle grades - to meet the unique academic and social needs of children at these stages of development. 

• Faculty, Staff, Administration:   Our certified teachers provide a nurturing atmosphere and serve as models of the Christian life to both students and parents. 

• Class Size: Our teacher/student ratio averages 1/16 students. 


• School Mascot: Bear

• School Colors: Red and White

• Curriculum:  Designed by the Diocese of Trenton, our curriculum is aligned with New Jersey Core Curriculum Content as well as national standards.  Faith values are integrated into all curriculum areas.  A variety of instructional strategies are used to teach to students’ individual learning styles.  In addition to traditional subjects, weekly instruction is offered to all students in Music, Art, Physical Education, Library, Computer Technology, and Spanish. An Enrichment Math program is available for qualifying students.  Supplemental and Compensatory Education programs are also available for students needing extra support. 

• Faith Development:   We offer daily religion instruction in grades PreK-3 to 8; prayer and reflection; class and school liturgies; sacramental preparation; Catholic traditions, including Advent, Stations of the Cross, May Crowning, etc.; and programs/assemblies that support positive Christian values. 

• Accreditation:   Advance Ed Accredited 

• Standardized Testing:  In keeping with national requirements, our students are evaluated annually through the TerraNova series of standardized achievement tests published by McGraw-Hill.  These tests assess student achievement in reading, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. 

• Technology:   Each classroom is equipped with at least two computers with Internet access.  Classrooms also have a flat-screen TV monitor connected to the computer for whole-class presentations. Our state-of-the-art computer lab contains updated Macintosh computers with internet access. I-pads are shared for special projects in the classrooms. Each student may enhance their learning through research or applications.

• Computers: We offer weekly student lab instruction in addition to classroom integration; students are trained in the use of Microsoft Office and other age-appropriate software. 

• Honeywell Instant Alert System:  This system generates telephone and email alerts to all of our families simultaneously in order to allow for fast communication of vital information as needed. 

• Extended-Day Program:  The CARES Program (“Children Are Receiving Extended-Day Services”) offers a safe, secure and fun program for families who require morning or afternoon services for their children beyond the scheduled school day.  The program is offered to students in grades Pre-K 3 to grade 8 for a nominal fee.  It provides opportunities for homework completion, play, snacks, and social interaction among the children.  

• Lunch Program:  An optional daily lunch program is offered to all students at a nominal cost through the volunteer support of our Parent Teacher Association. 

• Facilities: 
Our main school building houses classrooms, a computer lab, a library, and a cafeteria. We have two adjacent buildings each holding two classrooms for our Early Childhood program. All buildings are fully air-conditioned. Our grounds cover a large grassy area for play, a basketball court, and a separate, fenced in play area with jungle gym for the early childhood and extended-day programs.

• Graduates: The Class of 2019 earned more than $15,000 in scholarships. 

• Tuition:   St. Charles Borromeo School offers competitive tuition rates with several payment options.  Financial aid and scholarships are also available for eligible families. 



The mission of St. Charles Borromeo Parish School in partnership with parents is to educate and inspire all students to reach their highest academic potential. In a Christ-centered atmosphere our students are empowered to live the Gospel message and to become life long learners who contribute to our global society.





     The administration and staff of St. Charles Borromeo School dedicate themselves to the spiritual and intellectual education of the children entrusted to our care.  In order to provide a well balanced curriculum, we offer programs that address the physical, emotional, and artistic needs of our students which we recognize to be important components of a good education. 

     In keeping with the charism of the Sisters of Mercy who first staffed our school, we emphasize both the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy throughout our educational program.  We believe our students will understand the Gospel message more clearly when they can be of service to others. 
     We strive to appreciate and nurture the special and unique talents each child brings, with the hope that our students will come to respect, appreciate, and applaud each person’s individuality. 
     We believe the educational process is a genuine Christian journey, drawing its inspiration and strength from the Gospel in which it is rooted.  We collaborate with parents to be outstanding educators and form strong partnerships between the school and family.  
     In accord with the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, we stress service to individual families, community, country, and the world over self-service. 
     We strive to provide a non-violent atmosphere that is conducive to excellence in teaching, learning, living, and growing in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ. 



  • We believe that God is the center of all we think, say and do.

  •  We believe that each child should learn and experience that God is always a part of their lives.

  • We believe in the values revealed through the Gospels, centered in God’s love and the Catholic faith, which permeate all aspects of the St. Charles Borromeo community. 

  • We believe that every child has the right to be treated with kindness, fairness and respect at all times and in all circumstances. 

  • We believe in mutual respect and an appreciation of diversity as essential to achieving unity and global harmony.

  • We believe that each student should be challenged to achieve academic excellence.

  • We believe in a holistic, interactive academic environment that is respectful of the learning style and needs of each individual.

  • We believe in the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, creativity, and a commitment to life-long learning.

  • We believe in the necessity to have a secure, caring and enthusiastic environment, which has a consistent code of conduct.

  • We believe in the promotion of self-discipline, self-discovery and self-worth, in order to encourage personal responsibility, accountability, growth and fulfillment.

  • We believe in the need to provide opportunities for community service and co-curricular involvement in order to develop personal growth which builds pride and ownership in the St. Charles Borromeo family beyond the classroom.




A Catholic education provides children with academic excellence enhanced with traditional Christian values. Catholic school teachers have the unique opportunity to mold every aspect of a child's growth and development. Foremost in this development is the spiritual - educators teach the message of Jesus. Through prayer, religious instruction, liturgies, and daily interaction, students become rooted in faith. 

Hallmarks of Catholic schools include high academic standards, self discipline, safety, a sense of community and belonging. Teachers and staff model respect for all and an acceptance of each child's talents, abilities, and personal challenges. Educators create a safe, loving environment that encourages students believe in their capabilities and to work toward their potential. 

A variety of learning strategies are used to connect with the child's framework of understanding. A strong core curriculum based on the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards is complemented with enrichment programs. Technology, drama, music, world language and athletic programs add to the diversity of a child's experiences and prepare the individual for an ever-changing world in which thinking is not only a habit, but a way of life. 

Catholic schools are Middle States accredited. Through this accreditation, schools are recognized in their ongoing commitment to constantly seek new ways to better serve their students. 

Parents are recognized as the primary educators of their children and they collaborate with teachers and administrators as partners in education. The schools are sensitive to the needs of working families and provide before and after school care, full-day kindergarten, and pre-school settings at many locations. 

Consider a Catholic education as a viable option to invest in your child's future. 
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